With the support of the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Science for Latin America and the Caribbean and in collaboration with the Latin American and Caribbean Coalition of Cities against Racism, Discrimination and Xenophobia, the ICPHR presents the Handbook The SDGs and Cities. International Human Mobility.

In a world and regional context where migrants, asylum seekers and refugees tend to settle down in urban spaces, this practical handbook aims to provide strategies to local governments of the region for a democratic and respectful reception of migrants in the cities; in line with the 2030 Agenda and its Sustanaible Development Goals.

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Workshops for foreign students

CIPDH workshops aim to promote knowledge, awareness, and practices regarding human rights through heritage sites related with memory.

Next workshops Migrants and refugees: Wednesday, August 22, 2018 from 3 pm.
The craft of Memory: Workshop on sites, archives and testimonies: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 from 10 pm.

Construir Igualdad Award

With the aim of strengthening key aspects for the construction of more democratic societies, the CIPDH created the Construir Igualdad (Building Equality) Award.

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Online registration extended until August 18th.
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Efemérides en Derechos Humanos

De acuerdo a un relevamiento de 2017 del Foro Permanente para Cuestiones Indígenas de las Naciones Unidas, cada dos semanas desaparece un idioma indígena.

El reservorio lingüístico de un pueblo no solo se constituye de palabras. Las lenguas traen consigo conocimientos tradicionales y representan un patrimonio cultural inmaterial invaluable. Su extinción conlleva la pérdida de prácticas culturales y formas únicas de relacionarse entre las personas, las sociedades y la naturaleza, son la expresión más visible de la diversidad cultural y la esencia de su identidad, por lo que una amenaza real a su desaparición compromete sus propias posibilidades de supervivencia.

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International conference on archives and human rights: an agenda to strengthen democracy

Documentary heritage related to human rights plays an essential role in processes of democratic consolidation, especially when it refers to periods of repression, armed conflicts or dictatorships in which those rights have been seriously violated.

“Human rights archives” fulfil three functions: they are essential to guarantee the rights of victims to know what happened; they are fundamental in the fight against impunity and the promotion of reparatory policies, vetting and the re-establishment of the rule of law; and they constitute a valuable resource for the promotion of remembrance policies and preserving the history and legacy of human rights.

Please check workshop’s conclusions of 2018 International Conference here

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