Survey on youth human rights perception

The CIPDH and the Human Rights Center of the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), joined forces once again to carry out a survey on young law students  to find out their perceptions on human rights  in order to produce information for the design of inclusive public policies.

The questionnaire was elaborated through a collaborative work of both institutions with  technical assistance  from the Center for Access to Justice of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, scholars, methodologists and other human rights specialists, in order to come up with a survey that could collect the opinions, knowledge and impressions of young people on the subject.

The survey, carried out in the Faculty of Law (UBA), is part of a CIPDH´s broader project towards producing information and knowledge on human rights perception.  It is expected to be implemented in different universities and faculties around the country.

May 28, 2018