In accordance with Law No. 26708 on the creation of the Center, the following capacities will be undertaken by the center:

Cooperation and Development

The CIPDH will cooperate with national and international institutions on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in accordance with the fundamental principles and guidelines outlined by UNESCO. These Goals are essential to the promotion and development of strategies that contribute to greater fulfillment and respect of human rights.

The Center will set particular focus on SDG’s linked to the strengthening of broad institutional frameworks to protect human rights in social and political areas, encompassing the principles of equality and non-discrimination and working towards extensive access to economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights.

To this end, the Center will offer technical assistance contributing to make current knowledge available and promoting its development between national, regional and international experiences. It will also encourage and participate in global networks and coalitions related to the strengthening of human rights. In all cases, emphasis will be placed on areas, initiatives and structures of horizontal cooperation.

Knowledge and Practices

The CIPDH seeks to conduct applied research with the goal of fostering and coordinating research, teaching and knowledge transfer in the fields of human rights at both national and international level. For this purpose, it will create publications of various types, practical tools, catalogues, databases and / or information systems to be used for government administration and social activism.

Finally, the CIPDH will carry out meetings and training activities integrating competencies of the participating experts, who come from different areas of research and who tackle human rights questions related to our main research areas.

Information and Communication

As a promotional body, the CIPDH will use a range of communication and information technologies such as its website, social networks, online and printed documentation, audio-visual material, campaigns, exhibitions and events, to promote human rights on many levels.