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Human Rights Days

This is a project that aims to promote human rights with articles about national and international days’ anniversaries linked to themes that are included within the purview of CIPDH-UNESCO’s work. Additionally, these articles include related artistic and/or cultural expressions that present a view from a different angle on the same subject.


#MappedMemories is an interactive map that covers different places of memory related to serious human rights violations around the world. This project aims to raise awareness about how different communities address their traumatic past by showing diversity, peculiarities and similarities in the way we “recall” events.


Every year, the CIPDH-UNESCO honors local public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean that advance equality, diversity and non-discrimination. Aiming to strenghten key aspects to build more democratic societies, the CIPDH established the CONSTRUIR IGUALDAD Award, which highlights local public policies from Latin America and the Caribbean that outstand in matters of inclusion and non discrimination.