Within the framework of the international cooperation project between the CIPDH-UNESCO and the Haitian Institute of Human Rights (IHDH), ), through the Argentine Fund for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (FO.AR) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Argentine Republic, the first edition of the academic tutoring program on human rights began for Haitian students of Law and Social Sciences.

The initiative involves offering academic and pedagogical advice to students who are about to finish their university studies in Haiti, by cooperating with teachers of Argentine universities to provide them with remote academic tutoring to write their thesis.

Since, in Haiti, academic tutoring for undergraduate thesis is paid, students often cannot afford costs, and, in many cases, this situation prevents them from finishing their studies.

The selection of tutors was based on an open call, in accordance with the subjects addressed by students and the profile of teachers, all of whom speak French and have a great academic background, extensive teaching seniority and professional reputation.

In this first edition of the program, the IHDH selected the nine best-suited students to receive academic tutoring based on their dedication, academic performance, socio-economic level and course progress assessment.

The academic tutoring program will run until November 2019 under remote, oral or written supervision, based on the contact method agreed upon between the student and the tutor, for at least four revision or exchange stages.

List of Topics, Teachers and Students:

Student: Armelle Pierre-Louis.
Topic: Protection of Rights of Disabled People in Haiti: Problems and Perspectives.
Tutor: Roberto Amette Estrada.

Student: Esther Gregroire.
Topic: The Effectiveness of Human Rights in the Haitian Prison Environment: Challenges and Perspectives.
Tutor: Natalia Lippmann Mazzaglia.

Student: Jean-Baptiste Vital-Herne.
Topic: The Right to Decent Housing in Haiti in the Light of Legal Instruments Related to Social Rights.
Tutor: Emiliano Buis.

Student: Jean-Marc Cesar.
Topic: Cybercrime in Haitian Legislation.
Tutor: Emiliano Buis.

Student: Jean Miselene.
Topic: The Problem of the Thirty Percent Quota Granted by the Constitution to Haitian Women and Human Rights.
Tutor: Katia Irene Rosenblat.

Student: Karl Changlet Vilcine.
Topic: The Role of the Land Registry in Land Conflicts in Haiti, Especially in the Artibonite Valley.
Tutor: Leonor Gimelfarb.

Student: Kerlande Fleurio.
Topic: The Increase in Child Trafficking in Haiti between 2010-2015. Causes and Impact on the Haitian Criminal Justice.
Tutor: Natalia Lippmann Mazzaglia.

Student: Richardson Chery.
Topic: The Right to Environment and the Problem of Urban Planning in Port-au-Prince between 2010-2017.
Tutor: Leonor Gimelfarb.

Student: Stephanie Tamarrah Bourdeau.
Topic: The Problem of the Protection of Children’s Rights in Haiti in the Digital Era.
Tutor: Matías Penhos.