César Rodríguez Garavito, Colombian jurist and sociologist, spoke about “The Future of Human Rights: Action-Research for a Multipolar and Multimedia World”. He was accompanied by Guillermo Fernandez-Maldonado Castro, Deputy Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia, and of Juan Mendez, former reporter of the United Nations on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishments.

At the opening, Germán Garavano, Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Argentine Republic; Claudio Avruj, Secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism, Argentina; Lidia Brito, Director of the UNESCO Regional Office, Montevideo, Uruguay; Daniel Tarnopolsky, Representative of Human Rights Organizations before the Governing Board of the CIPDH, Argentina; and Patricia Tappatá Valdez, Director of the CIPDH, Argentina, welcomed attendees to the course and gave opening speeches.

The conference was open to all audiences and held at the Jorge Luis Borges auditorium of the Mariano Moreno National Library of the Argentine Republic, and it was broadcast by streaming, via Facebook Live.

It can be watched in full in the video that appears here.