The annual CIPDH-UNESCO course addresses the main global challenges in the human rights field. Each edition focuses on a specific topic of international interest, bringing together teachers and participants from different countries, with extensive professional experience and diverse viewpoints.

Since the end of World War II, it has never been so imperative to discuss the universal ideal of human rights, the serious challenges for their fulfillment, the possible solutions to the severe global problems that threaten them, the improvement of protection systems and the conditions for their exercise. This primary objective is the starting point of the CIPDH-UNESCO’s International Course on Human Rights.

This is an on-site course that lasts a week and is held in Buenos Aires. It involves a body of teachers that is made up of nationally and internationally renowned experts.

This course is addressed to professionals with experience in the human rights field, whether in activism in non-governmental organizations, at the government level, in academia, or at international organizations. Its academic design includes sessions with different methodologies: lectures, panels, public interviews with prominent personalities and practical exercises carried out in a peer learning environment.

Academic Coordinator: Roberto Saba


The 2020 edition of the International Course on Human Rights will be held in virtual mode in Spanish and English (with simultaneous translation) between November 16 and 27, 2020. This year’s topic will be Human Rights Investigation: facts-finding, documenting and monitoring.

The International Course 2020 will focus on the specificities and differences between the investigation tasks in the field of human rights and their particularity in the matter of facts-finding, documenting and monitoring. This object of study will be approached from the study of cases of punctual or systematic violations of human rights, and in light of different methodological approaches and new applied technologies.