The Executive Director of the International Center for the Promotion of Human Rights (CIPDH) – UNESCO met with the rector of the University of Lanús, Dr. Ana Jaramillo, prior to the signing of an agreement between the institutions to promote and intensify relations between the two in different areas of common interest.

The initiative is framed in the promotion of human rights and an agenda that covers issues such as land, water and gender, among others.
The Director of Institutional Strengthening CIPDH-UNESCO, Lic. Leonardo Pacecca and the legal advisor of the center, Ramiro Badía were also present.

The agreement envisages promoting and intensifying cooperative relations between the parties in areas of common interest, aimed at professional exchange, cultural and sociological study and research, the promotion and protection of human rights, scientific research and fostering the prevalence of the values ​​of life, freedom and human dignity.