The CIPDH-UNESCO conducts a survey of young people aimed at getting to know the ideas and general knowledge that students from different universities have on human rights.

The project is carried out in collaboration with the Human Rights Center of the University of Buenos Aires Law School and, in 2018, was implemented in six schools of different universities throughout the country.

The questionnaire consists of 37 questions and is divided into five modules: (1) general knowledge on human rights, (2) knowledge on youth and human rights, (3) human rights education, (4) specific rights and (5) characterization of those surveyed. To develop the survey, a pilot test was carried out in 2017. A meeting was held with experts on human rights, young people and methodologists for the final approval and adjustments.

The survey is implemented through tablets to make data processing easier and spark interest among young people.

The findings of the survey will serve as input and reference for the development of public policies on human rights education and as a specific contribution to universities, schools and centers or chairs on human rights. They will also be a valuable contribution to the information produced by the Center, since they provide insights on the content, areas and aspects to be studied in depth to empower young people and recognize their rights, as well as to influence government actions that affect them.

2018/19 SURVEY

  • University of Buenos Aires Law School (in strategical collaboration with the Human Rights Center), April 2018. The complete Report with the survey’s results can be downloaded here.

  • Universidad Nacional de José C. Paz, April 2018.

  • Universidad Nacional de Rosario, September 2018.

  • Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, September 2018.

  • Universidad Nacional de Quilmes,November 2018.

  • Universidad del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, April 2019.