In 2000, the Extraordinary Assembly of the Federal Council of Culture and Education of Argentina decided to declare April 19 as Coexistence in Cultural Diversity Day and incorporate it into the different educational jurisdictions’ school commemorations calendars, establishing that “activities be carried out in schools and colleges aiming to strengthen the learning of tolerance, respect for others and coexistence in cultural diversity as fundamental values ​​of democratic life”.

The date is a tribute to Holocaust victims during World War II and in memory of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, initiated on April 19, 1943 by a group of young Jews from that Polish city against the actions of concentration, isolation and annihilation of the Nazi regime that dominated a large part of Europe.

This Day of Coexistence in Cultural Diversity thus becomes an occasion to reflect and discuss the prejudices, intolerances and discriminatory practices that still separate us, and also to celebrate the many gestures of solidarity, appreciation and recognition of the various identities that daily build a better country.