The International Day to Commemorate the Victims of Acts of Violence motivated by Religion or Beliefs is celebrated on August 22 of each year with the aim of condemning violence or terrorism against people around the world who have their own religious beliefs or positions.

The commemoration was decreed in 2019 by the United Nations General Assembly through resolution A / RES / 73/296, which among its foundations expresses its serious concern “for acts of intolerance and violence motivated by religion or beliefs, including those belonging to religious communities and minorities around the world, and because of the increasing number and intensity of these incidents which are often criminal in nature and may have international characteristics”.

Through official measures and declarations in recent years, the UN has sought to emphasize the task of States, which “have the primary responsibility to promote and protect human rights, including those belonging to religious minorities and their right to exercise their religion or belief freely”, in addition to specifying the importance of providing victims and relatives of this type of violence “with adequate support and assistance in accordance with applicable law”.