Yesterday, the Director of the CIPDH-UNESCO met at the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat to work together on the Project for the Training of Collective Leadership in Human Rights.

Present were Paloma Wolowski, Undersecretary of Housing and Infrastructure Policies, María de los Ángeles Higonet, Undersecretary of Approach and Regional Management, María de los Ángeles Cassone, Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Valentina Romano, Advisor to the Planning Department, Monitoring and Evaluation and Leonardo Pacecca, Director of Institutional Strengthening of the CIPDH.

For the formulation of the project, we highlight the participation of the CIPDH legal team made up of doctors Gabriela Pantuso, Laura Marrazzo, María Cristina Ballina Benites and Ramiro Badía.