During the meeting with the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation Martín Soria, the Executive Director of the CIPDH-UNESCO presented the 2021 strategic plan of the International Center for the Promotion of Human Rights-UNESCO.

At the meeting, they evaluated proposals and worked together in the elaboration of key points and agenda for future projects. In this sense, both agreed on the commitment to manage the CIPDH’s activity based on standards of excellence, optimizing resources in order to satisfy the demands of the interested parties.

Minister Martín Soria spoke about the need to comply with the commitments assumed and stressed that it is necessary to resume the agenda on the international promotion of human rights as a basis for the institutional strengthening of the body, focused on the objectives defined in the legal agreement constitutive of the CIPDH. The document establishes promoting the deepening of the democratic system, the consolidation of all human rights – civil, political, economic, social, cultural and emerging – as well as the appreciation of life, freedom and human dignity, and create awareness in society, especially young people, about the importance of promoting and defending the unrestricted and comprehensive exercise of human rights.